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Welcome to the Dark Forest

Winter Scene in Swiftwater Pennsylvania

I have always loved wandering in the woods. It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m in a mossy, damp New England forest, a Pocono forest of rocks and tall trees, an English forest of hedgerows, wildflowers and meadows or a South Florida tropical jungle.

There is something magickal and mystical about being in the woods. Even on a sunny day, a forest is dark and cool. You can believe that faeries lurk behind the rocks and trees. The beauty of the forest inspires us to believe in magick.

Many years ago, The Dark Forest was the name I gave to my own inner world; the place of my own imaginings and contemplation.

I have a wide range of interests. Beyond my love of tarot and my interest in spiritual development, I enjoy modern culture. Trends in music, fashion, entertainment and politics fascinate me. On this blog you will find my observations about the world in which we live - everything from dating advice to resturant reviews.

Here in the Dark Forest, anything can happen. If something captures my interest, I am likely to write about it here.

Thanks for exploring this dark forest with me. Please leave a comment!

There are no "good people", and there are no "bad people".

There is a difference between promoting each other and spamming each other!

Are you looking for something interesting to put on your holiday gift list? Adult tricycles are becoming more popular for the boomer generation.

Unlike the trikes we rode when we were toddlers, adult trikes have three wheels that are all the same size. Most adult trikes have a sizable basket in the back. That’s my favorite part. I use that basket for laundry, tarot cards, musical instruments, and anything else you can imagine.

Holiday Sand Sculpture in West Palm Beach, 2011

The snowbirds are back, time for the holidays!

My Paypaya Tree

Here in Florida, food grows in our yards and falls from the sky!

The Cranes Begin their Dance

Check out the video I caught of the sand hill crane mating dance!

middle aged female sculptor

Social media, stop telling older women what to do!

It’s Election Day. First thing this morning, I walked to the polls to cast my vote for Mosquito Control Commissioner. There were other things on the ballot, too. Jon Stewart has been having a field day with our gubernatorial contest here in Florida; I can’t say I blame him.

Election Day is always somewhat romantic for me. I remember being a child and accompanying my mother in the old-fashioned voting booth. I remember her telling me about the sacred duty that I too, would one day have.

Chris Rooney at Compass Music, with my New Uke

There’s an exciting new trend sweeping the nation. Have you noticed, over the past few years, more ukuleles around you?

In 2011, the New York Times said the ukulele craze had reached a “saturation point.” That’s when Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam released his solo album, “Ukulele Songs.”


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