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Welcome to the Dark Forest

Winter Scene in Swiftwater Pennsylvania

I have always loved wandering in the woods. It doesn’t matter to me whether I’m in a mossy, damp New England forest, a Pocono forest of rocks and tall trees, an English forest of hedgerows, wildflowers and meadows or a South Florida tropical jungle.

There is something magickal and mystical about being in the woods. Even on a sunny day, a forest is dark and cool. You can believe that faeries lurk behind the rocks and trees. The beauty of the forest inspires us to believe in magick.

Many years ago, The Dark Forest was the name I gave to my own inner world; the place of my own imaginings and contemplation.

I have a wide range of interests. Beyond my love of tarot and my interest in spiritual development, I enjoy modern culture. Trends in music, fashion, entertainment and politics fascinate me. On this blog you will find my observations about the world in which we live - everything from dating advice to resturant reviews.

Here in the Dark Forest, anything can happen. If something captures my interest, I am likely to write about it here.

Thanks for exploring this dark forest with me. Please leave a comment!

When you have your own business, if you are not moving up quickly enough, it’s because you forgot to give yourself a promotion!

This is the third and final installment in my series about marketing mistakes made by healers.

To illustrate the third mistake, I will tell you a story about my friend who went to a new dentist. On his first visit, he felt very “upsold.”

Before returning for his next visit, he did some on-line research and found a YouTube video of the dentist being interviewed on a marketing webcast. In the interview, the dentist is proudly explaining how she is monetizing her practice, and the tricks she is using to make the most money from each patient.

Here is the second in a three-week series about mistakes we make in marketing our healing services.

This is the first in a three part series about marketing mistakes. Each week I will address one mistake in detail.

The specific type of marketing I am addressing is the marketing of businesspeople who could loosely be called “healers.” In that category I include medical professionals, psychologists, tarot readers, life coaches and energy healers, amongst others.

Woman at computer

Here are three easy ways to become a better writer.

Lake Worth is one of my favorite cities of all time, because it boasts such a wide variety of cultural offerings. This week I explored something different when my kids took me to Tacos al Carbon.

Tacos al Carbon consists of a corner lot in Lake Worth. There is a small restaurant with tables, and a window for outside service. There are a variety of picnic tables, one open food truck serving tacos, and a fleet of food trucks that I assume are waiting for rush hours and weekends.

Girls Gossiping

Our society has made not living up to certain physical standards an acceptable reason to discount, trivialize and dehumanize our fellow human beings.

Couple on the beach

All new relationships feel like they are meant to be, and all new relationships have some red flags.

Panda and Bamboo

Chinese Wand is great exercise, but it may not be Chinese.


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