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EatPeruvian Restaurant: Some Things are Worth the Wait

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3210 Lantana Rd
Lake Worth, FL

This past weekend I had business in Palm Beach County and needed a quick meal. We saw EatPeruvian restaurant on Lantana Road and decided to give it a try.

EatPeruvian is an easy-to-miss storefront in a seedy strip mall across from the local airport. Despite its unfortunate surroundings it had a wonderful glow about it, and the aroma wafting into the parking lot was irresistible.

The menu at EatPeruvian is extensive. I ordered a chicken dish, my friend ordered beef. I was in a hurry to get  to my engagement or I would have tried something more adventurous, like the seafood.

Our food was beautifully presented and delicious. The problem was that service was incredibly slow. We were only one of three tables in the restaurant and it still took more than half an hour to get us our food!

The atmosphere was lovely - if I hadn't been on a time schedule I would have enjoyed a glass of wine and waited patiently.

I recommend EatPeruvian highly, as long as you have the time to enjoy a luxurious meal. The prices are reasonable and the food is fantastic!

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