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Grease is the Word

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The Grease burger is a wonderful thing.

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I am not a huge fan of the Standard American Diet (SAD for short).  One of its mainstays, the burger, has always mystified me.  I just don’t get it.  Out of all possibilities, a burger is the last thing I am likely to order in a restaurant. 

So when Grease opened on Clematis Street, I wasn’t interested.  Grease is an upscale restaurant and bar that is dedicated almost solely to the burger.  The name bothered me, too.  Honestly, food that is greasy is the opposite of good.

But, since I have friends who like burgers, I have been to Grease a few times since it opened.  In fact, I was there just last week.  There are a few non-burger items on the menu, but each time I have been there I’ve gone with the signature product – the burger.

It turns out that a good burger is a great thing.  Eating at Grease has taught me this.  On the menu are a few specialty burgers, and the opportunity to craft your own burger with the toppings of your choice.

Although I am also not a fan of fries, onion rings are another matter entirely.  The onion rings at Grease are wonderful, although last week they were sadly a little greasier than usual.

Grease has a fully stocked bar, friendly staff and a great atmosphere.  It is perfect place to meet friends after work, or to sit at the bar and watch a game.  Its dark lighting makes it romantic, but I wouldn’t choose it for a first date because the burgers are too big and juicy to eat neatly.

Grease is not a place to “grab a quick burger.”  Grease is a place to savor and appreciate the American institution that is the burger.

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