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The Moon under Water

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The Moon Under Water
332 Beach Drive NE Saint Petersburg, FL
United States

Sometimes I get so tired of chain restaurants; even the nice ones. There’s a comfort in knowing what to expect and knowing you can get it anywhere, but I love the adventure of trying a creative, unique dining experience. There are just so few of them left!

To celebrate some birthdays, my companions and I traveled to downtown St. Petersburg to try The Moon Under Water, a British Colonial Tavern.

Located right on Beach Drive NE, nestled in with other interesting restaurants and shops, the Moon Under Water looks exactly as you would expect a British pub to look.

It’s been a long time since I’ve dined in England, but I was pleased to see exactly the food I associate with England on the menu. There were pasties, bangers and mash, Indian curries, hummus and taboule.

My dining companions and I each ordered something different. We were each very pleased with our meals, which were plentiful, artistically presented and delicious.

Another delight came at the end of the meal. The Moon under Water provides lovely atmosphere, a unique menu and a great meal at a very affordable price!

A note of caution; call ahead for a reservation. We were there on a Tuesday and waited half an hour for a table. It was worth the wait for a unique dining experience in downtown St. Pete.

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