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Nick's on the Hollywood Broadwalk

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The Hollywood Broadwalk has plenty of restaurants and bars. It’s easy to pay too much money for mediocre food. At the end, what you are really paying for is location – to eat and drink watching the ocean, and watching the people on the Broadwalk – people of all ages, people skating, biking, walking on stilts, people playing music and dancing.

The Broadwalk is one of my favorite places to hang out when I have the time. Recently, I’ve become a regular visitor to Nick’s Bar and Grill. What drew me there in the first place is this. Even when all the surrounding restaurants are dead, Nick’s is always busy.

Do not expect a five-star meal here. This is a beach shack bar and grill.  Some of the chairs are ripped and some of the tables tilt. Some of the wait staff are less than friendly, and they don’t always get your order right. If you can enjoy it for what it is, you might find Nick’s to be the quintessential Broadwalk experience.

The prices are reasonable for the area and the menu is varied. The salads are fresh and made with mixed greens rather than the browning iceberg available at most places. Portions are generous. I’ve enjoyed meat, fish and vegetarian options at Nick’s. The food is always fresh and tasty, and there are always drink specials.

So if you are ready to sip a cocktail and eat some food on the beach in Hollywood, Florida, give Nick’s a try!

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