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Tacos al Carbon: A Unique Lake Worth Experience

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Lake Worth is one of my favorite cities of all time, because it boasts such a wide variety of cultural offerings. This week I explored something different when my kids took me to Tacos al Carbon.

Tacos al Carbon consists of a corner lot in Lake Worth. There is a small restaurant with tables, and a window for outside service. There are a variety of picnic tables, one open food truck serving tacos, and a fleet of food trucks that I assume are waiting for rush hours and weekends.

Tacos al Carbon is open 24/7. The prices can’t be beat. The food is good, but a little inconsistent.

The guacamole was the best ever, but the chips seemed a little stale.

The most popular dishes seem to be tacos and wet burritos, which are like huge enchiladas.

I found the spicy pork to be not very spicy, and the beef to be a little dry.

Two of my kids say the beef tongue is the best meat to get. I will never know because I will never taste something that could be tasting me at the same time.

We had a fun outside dining experience, complete with feral kittens and a spider bite. This is not a great place to take a first date, but for an interesting evening in Lake Worth it’s worth a try.

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