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Hibiscus Blossom

I brought my straggly hibiscus back to life!

Woman looking at lake

Some memes are just stupid, but we share them anyway.


The Diner
1060 Gateway Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL
United States

A Review of The Diner in Boynton Beach.

Man and woman playing tug-of-war

Thirty years ago, women earned fifty-nine cents for every man's dollar. Now women earn seventy-seven cents. Progress?

Pete Seeger

One of the first things I saw this morning when checking my Facebook account was the announcement of Pete Seeger’s passing. He was 94.

All day today folks have been sharing their memories of Pete on social media. A few of those memories included me, like this one from Corinna Makris (used with permission). Corinna and I volunteered together at the Great Hudson River Revival one year.

It feels silly to speak or write about the weather, but here’s the thing. At great time and trouble I uprooted myself, my business and my family to move from the Northeast to Florida for exactly two reasons – the sun and the ocean. I wanted to be in a place called “The Sunshine State.” For me it is all about the weather. Call me shallow. I do poorly at seasonal adaptation.

Dictionary listing for "communication"

The evolution of language is not always a bad thing.

New Year Clock

Those who study astrology and honor the movements of the sun, moon and planets as powerful times and times of spiritual and magickal opportunity often poo-poo the change of the calendar year. Our calendar is contrived, and not based on anything truly “natural.” It’s a young calendar, too. Many spiritual people find more power in older measurements of time like the Chinese New Year or the Jewish New Year.

The Hollywood Broadwalk has plenty of restaurants and bars. It’s easy to pay too much money for mediocre food. At the end, what you are really paying for is location – to eat and drink watching the ocean, and watching the people on the Broadwalk – people of all ages, people skating, biking, walking on stilts, people playing music and dancing.

The Trumpet Flower in Bloom

Here’s another post about my favorite plant. It’s a seven-foot-tall angel trumpet (brugmansia) given to me as a potted plant by a snowbird returning to Canada.

Now my plant is as tall as a tree it’s large pink fragrant blossoms have caught the attention of my neighbors. Do I have any seeds to share? Not yet. But I read on the internet that the brugmansia is easy to grow from cuttings either left in water or simply stuck in the ground.

It was time to prune anyway.

When I was finished pruning I had seven sticks prepared according to the internet instructions.


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