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When I first moved to Florida in the spring of 2008 I was really curious about how folks would celebrate the holiday season in a warm climate. Coming from the Northeast, I couldn’t quite imagine people in T-shirts and shorts merrily singing “Let it Snow.” As it turns out, that is exactly what happens. People wear Santa hats to the beach, too.

I would have thought celebrating the holidays with snow motifs might be done as comic irony, but that doesn’t seem to be. In the end, a symbol is a symbol.

I tend to be a bit draconian about words, grammar and language. The irony is that I make a lot of typos, but that’s not what this post is about. This post is about my belief that precision in language creates effective communication. I also believe that creativity is engendered with we take the time to find the right words.

There is a belief in our society that if you know what I mean then my lazy words are good enough. I don’t agree. Thumb-typing on a smartphone notwithstanding, I believe that when we have something important to say we need to take the time to say it well.

My mother used to say that memory has a way of improving on things.

So many people tell me that things on the planet are just getting worse. They want to return to the good old days. In some ways, I agree with them.

Financially, things were certainly easier a few decades ago. I hate to say it, but I think our personal freedoms have been trod on terribly in the past ten years. I hate to see Mom and Pop shops replaced by big box corporate stores.

So I get what people are saying when they long for the good old days.

On the other hand, let’s think about this.


Casa Tequila Mexican Cuisine
United States

Casa Tequila Mexican Cuisine is a new restaurant in Wellington, FL. I went there the other day with some friends, including a three-year-old child. I was really pleased with everything about the restaurant, and will definitely be back.

The décor is lovely, with enough flare to let you know you are in a Mexican restaurant but not enough to be tacky. There is a lovely patio for outdoor dining and a full bar. The atmosphere makes Casa Tequila appropriate for any occasion from a family meal to a first date.

Everyone of a certain age seems to have an opinion about what’s wrong with the world today, or what’s wrong with our country today (as opposed to the good old days of the past).

Here’s my submission. The problems we face today are caused in part by our lack of accountability. We seem to want to make other people responsible for our actions and our lack of due diligence.

Here’s an interesting recent example of our total lack of accountability.

It would be nice to believe that the brightest and best of us are those we elect to represent us in government. It would be wonderful if our nation’s leaders were true exemplars; those who would inspire our emulation as well as our confidence.

The fact is, the only things our nation’s leaders have been inspiring lately are laughter and anger.

There is an ancient spiritual tenet that states “as above, so below.” This means that whatever is happening on one level is happening on other levels.


I read an article yesterday called “Are we too Quick to Cry Bully?” The article pointed out something I have been thinking for a long time. There are lots of ways to be mean that aren’t bullying. Bullying is specific. Bullying is when a person who has power picks on someone who doesn’t. 

Sand Hill Cranes

Many of us in Florida are transplants from other geographic locations. Many of us never stop marveling at the wonderful flora and fauna here – so exotic and foreign to us, even after years of living here. Lizards and frogs play everywhere, and some of the birds are taller than me.

Recently I witness two incidences of cruelty to wildlife.  One was obvious – a tourist torturing a lizard. One was a much-less-obvious form of cruelty that might surprise you.


Whole Foods Market
8003 Turkey lake Road Orlando, FL
United States

I love Whole Foods Market. I know it’s fashionable to mock Whole Foods, even while nomming on an organic salad topped with nine-dollar-a-bottle handmade vegan salad dressing.

I know Whole Foods isn’t perfect, but for now it’s the best alternative I have. I have to admit I’m a food snob. But I’m also pretty healthy and I think there might be a connection.

It would be hard to be involved in metaphysics or New Age philosophy and not learn the power of crystals. Crystals and gemstones are a cornerstone of New Age and metaphysical thought, practice and business. We use crystals and gemstones for empowerment, healing, chakra balancing, storing energy, meditation, divination, magick and manifestation. We use them for personal adornment as well, but most of us believe our jewelry serves a double purpose. Our crystal pendants are lovely to wear and also provide healing and support.


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