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Keese's Simply Delicious
540 Clematis Street West Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States

Some of you know of my ongoing search for the perfect falafel. After expressing my disappointment in several West Palm Beach Middle Eastern restaurants I learned that different cultures make and serve falafel differently. So, to be clear, here is my falafel litmus.

I am searching for falafel that is as good as what I remember from Mamoun’s Falafel Restaurant in New Haven, CT, circa 1987. With locations in New York and New Jersey as well, Mamoun’s is still going strong, thank goodness.

Modern Magick

I am saddened by the news of the death of one of my favorite Pagan authors, Donald Michael Kraig.

I met Don a couple of times in the late 1990s, when we both were presenters at American Tarot Associations conventions in Albany. At the time, he was already a well-known author.

Over the years we had a few phone conversations and exchanged a few emails. I had always assumed our paths would cross again one day.

Beautiful Hair!

Finding the professionals you need is one of the hardest tasks of moving. I know, I’ve moved a lot in my life. I’m also picky, and not opposed to driving many miles for the right dentist, doctor or salon.

Of all the hard-to-find-professionals, for me the most difficult to find is a great hairdresser.


Brunchies of Tampa
14366 North Dale Mabry Highway Tampa, FL 33618-2018
United States

Finally I have found a great breakfast spot in Tampa!

Hibiscus Blossom

I brought my straggly hibiscus back to life!

Woman looking at lake

Some memes are just stupid, but we share them anyway.


The Diner
1060 Gateway Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL
United States

A Review of The Diner in Boynton Beach.

Man and woman playing tug-of-war

Thirty years ago, women earned fifty-nine cents for every man's dollar. Now women earn seventy-seven cents. Progress?

Pete Seeger

One of the first things I saw this morning when checking my Facebook account was the announcement of Pete Seeger’s passing. He was 94.

All day today folks have been sharing their memories of Pete on social media. A few of those memories included me, like this one from Corinna Makris (used with permission). Corinna and I volunteered together at the Great Hudson River Revival one year.

It feels silly to speak or write about the weather, but here’s the thing. At great time and trouble I uprooted myself, my business and my family to move from the Northeast to Florida for exactly two reasons – the sun and the ocean. I wanted to be in a place called “The Sunshine State.” For me it is all about the weather. Call me shallow. I do poorly at seasonal adaptation.


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