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The other day I got an email that made me cry.  I was invited to attend the 85th birthday party of my youth choir director.  Of course, the party will be an old-fashioned hymn-sing.  My schedule will not allow me to attend, but I am happy to have the opportunity to write a note to Mrs. Elliott and let her know what an important role she played in my young life.

Several folks have asked why I have discontinued writing about Glee and SNL this television season.  I hate to say it, but it’s because my two favorite shows of last year have flat-out failed to inspire me this year.

After years of refusing cable television service, I wondered what would happen when we moved into a condo with free cable.  Well, here’s what happened.  We still don’t watch TV.

We still watch Hulu and Netflix.  We have also started buying downloaded episodes of Archer and Dr. Who from Amazon.  Now that’s a great deal.

Celo Green guest stars on American Dad


Well, the new season of Glee has begun – last week, in fact.  I even have cable TV in my new condo.  Truth is, I just can’t seem to get excited enough about either the first or second episode to actually write about them.  I guess that is a review in and of itself.

So let’s see. . .Now that Kurt has acceptance and a great boyfriend, he’s freaking out because he is so very  gay.  As his Dad put it, “Not Rock Hudson gay, gay-gay.”

Finn is freaking out because he doesn’t know what to do after high school.

Another Day Late Dollar Short Hulu Review by Christiana Gaudet


As much as I love Glee, I wasn’t going to watch the Glee Project.

First, it’s on the Oxygen Network, for gosh sakes.  As a point of personal pride, I just pretend this network doesn’t exist.  In fact, I mostly pretend TV doesn’t exist.

But, being a Gleek is like being gay.  You don’t choose to be, you just are.

I also hate Reality TV.  I hate it because of its name.  Sorry, but “Reality TV” is an oxymoron, end of story.

The Glee Kids have fun in New York

Another Day Late Dollar Short Hulu Review by Christiana Gaudet

Hey, did you ever notice when you say the name of William McKinley High School’s show choir, New Directions, it sounds like “nude erections?”  I hadn’t, until their snooze of a season finale left my brain wandering off by itself and getting into trouble.

The best thing about this episode is that it set us up for some great plot possibilities in season three, and maybe even a post-graduation spin off where Kurt, Blaine and Rachel go off to find their fortune in the Big Apple.

Another Day Late Dollar Short Hulu Review by Christiana Gaudet

Well, we’ve had a birth, a wedding, a divorce and a prom- there was really nothing left to do but have a funeral, right before (gasp) Nationals in New York.

Glee is a live-action cartoon that makes points with archetypes.  It teaches big lessons with broad strokes.  The lesson of the “Funeral” episode was compassion.

The "Prom Queen" episode of Glee was everything that a musical dramedy should be, and more. 

The episode opens with, no surprise, the news that the Glee club will have to provide the musical entertainment for prom.  Almost immediately, we segue to a fabulous duet- “Rolling in the Deep,” sung by Rachel, and, well, you won’t believe this but . . . Jesse is back.

Sadly, this first musical number was also the best of the show.

Even though I don’t own a television, I am an unabashed Gleek.  I’m currently watching Season One on Netflix, and keeping up with Season Two on Hulu.  Having graduated from high school in 1980, I am the target demographic for this larger-than-life cartoony series about the struggles of a high school show choir in Lima, Ohio.

This week’s episode featured the classic Fleetwood Mac album, “Rumours.”  The album came out in 1977, making it another favorite of my demographic, and, I daresay, one of the defining albums of my generation.

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